Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Living Out Loud

The ever thoughtful Ju sent me this in the post today. I've only managed to have a quick flick so far but it looks rather fun. In fact that seems to be the whole point, you have to have fun. According to Ms Smith, "Play is the most important element in discovering who you are." She suggests we try to remember our childhoods in order to rediscover the passion and excitement we experienced as children. As I spend my day with two mini-beasts, play and getting in touch with my own inner mini-beast shouldn't be too much of a problem. It does presume one knows how to knit, which one does not. But I do aspire to be a knitter. I like the clackety clack of the needles. Maybe that will be my first attempt to live out loud.

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  1. The clackety clack of the needles is a pretty sound.


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