Thursday, 23 June 2011

I want to ride my bi-hiccle

Every morning Matilda, O and I take a trip to the market. O goes on his bike. If I'm lucky Matilda pushes. When O is old enough we can remove the handle and he can learn to cycle properly. These things are brilliant. Easier than a pushchair, more fun and to my mind the kid feels "in" the world.

The bike was given to us by the grandspoilers when the one handed down to us by my belle soeur, Anne, gave up the ghost after Matilda cycled it into bi-hiccle (in Monsterspeak) heaven. Which gives me a rather more important RTBC. Almost everything we use day to day, almost everything we own, has been either given or donated to us second-hand by kind and thoughtful friends and relatives. I do not know how we would have managed without such generosity. Our children would be sleeping in cardboard boxes lined with old socks and playing with bits of wood and dead leaves from the park (oh hang on, they do that now, the playing part not the sleeping part). In fact, I think the only things in the house supplied by Fanf and I are the mini-beasts.

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  1. I had to do a double-take on that last picture: Matilda, is that you??? Not wearing red made me question her identity ;)


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