Sunday, 5 June 2011


Sometimes I'm a right moany old crow. One of the things I frequently moan about is that there is no green here. I miss the green of England. When we were in Blighty and roaming around the Cotswolds I was frequently heard to exclaim, "Look at the green." I love green. But look at this.

Green. Beaucoup de green. What is more, a lot of that green is vineyards. Vineyards which turn gorgeous shades of red, brown and orange in the autumn and then yield delicious cheap wine. So this post is a little reminder to myself to open my eyes occasionally and appreciate what I have.

We had a lovely afternoon out walking, catching our first glimpse of sunshine over our long weekend.

Matilda said some things that made me smile.

Fanf: Stop. Listen. What can you hear?
Matilda: Flowers.

Matilda: I need go home because I'm tired and I need do a poo. (Ah, we've all been there.)

And Fanf took a photo of a padlocked gate which made him smile.

If you're thinking "Blimey, who does she think she is, Lord Snowdon?!", make the most of it. The camera had a fatal accident and has departed this world. So for those of you who only check in here to see the mini-beasts, avert your eyes now. It's words, words, words from here on in.


  1. What? No more camera!?!? I will miss the pictures and the videos. Perhaps a good b-day gift for Mr. Fanf?
    Don't we all hear flowers? That's so sweet.

  2. Hello, I've just come on your blog for the first time and am enjoying a lovely little chuckle at your matilda! What a cutie. Kellie xx


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