Sunday, 19 June 2011

A cornucobbler of RTBCs

This post is three posts cobbled together because I have 3 RTBCs today:

1. It is la Fête des Pères, and our papa is Fanf.
2. Matilda did not have to have an endoscopy.
3. My parents have lent me their camera, I have pictures again!

Fanf began his special day with a quick trip to the hospital for Matilda to have her second x-ray of the weekend. Yesterday she decided to embark upon a culinary experiment to broaden her diet and ate her hairslide. The first I knew of it was when she called me over and told me, "I ate my barrette." I would like to make it clear that we do feed her at least three times a day.

Yesterday the slide was in her stomach.

The doctors were worried that it might get stuck passing from her stomach into her intestines, necessitating an endoscopy, which is why she had to go back today. But thankfully the slide had left the stomach and was on its route south for stinky freedom.

It looks rather big and scary in the x-ray but Matilda seems to be fine and is happily telling everyone that her barrette is in her tummy.

When father and daughter got back from their trip to the hospital they celebrated Father's Day by watching Cars. Again. Every day is Father's Day round here at the moment. And I made Fanf some special Father's Day cookies. I don't much go in for all this Father's Day malarky but any excuse to make cookies is valid in my book.

Just a couple of words about notre papa chéri: bloody brilliant.

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  1. I'm so happy that Matilda didn't require an endoscopy. It doesn't sound pleasant.


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