Wednesday, 18 May 2011

RTBC Two Old Faithfuls: books and lovely things in the post

A parcel arrived in the post from the lustrous MiK.
For Matilda.

And for me.

I don't know how my friends do it but, collectively, they always seem to know when the thoughtful gesture is needed. Having spent the last couple of days agonizing over the stupidity of the plane ticket debacle and wondering how I might tighten our family belt without cutting off circulation, or sanity, the books came as a most apposite gift from the Goddess MiK. Because books are an item of expenditure that is not really up for budgeting. So I am looking forward to reading and savouring Wells, in the most leisurely fashion I can muster. And hoping that he might give me some idea as to how I might go back in time and erase my heartbreaking blunder of staggering ineptitude. Or make myself invisible so that I can indulge in a spot of judicious pilfering.

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