Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Old friends, new friends

I'm sorry, I've been a little absent from hyperspace. I don't imagine anyone has been gnashing their teeth with grief but just in case, I apologise. I have been absent because we have been enjoying our run of guests and one of my blogging rules is: no blogging while there are real people around whose company I can enjoy. And I have been. So very very much. I remember how happy it makes me seeing other people, seeing friends. Everything is more relaxed somehow. This weekend we were visited by Tomtom and Steph and their little girl, Camille, who is three weeks older than Matilda. We had so much fun doing not a lot. Camille and Matilda tootled around after each other, insisting on doing everything the same. Camille is adorable. I adore her. She's hilarious. She and Matilda got on like a house on fire. Not literally (thank goodness). They played this rather sweet but incomprehensible game which, as far as we could tell, involved them running like loonies towards each other, running past each other, stopping, turning round, giving each other a big hug, then running off again. Owen tried to keep up, making a grab as little limbs flew past.


  1. Hey! Save some fun for the Canadians!

  2. You have most definitely been missed. xxx


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