Thursday, 5 May 2011

New tricks

Poor little O. As his sister careers about, her acrobatics both physical and verbal getting dizzier by the day, poor little O sometimes gets a bit forgotten. Learning to walk might not look as impressive as shinning down the fireman's pole at the playground (and it was pretty impressive) but Owen is not only learning to walk but picking up a few other new tricks as well. He plays peekaboo, he waves, he has "who can scream loudest" contests with his sister (we're not so encouraging of that particular trick), he does kisses and he can find daddy or Matilda when instructed in the manner of a deliriously happy truffle hunting hound, but with more drool. To give you an idea of just a couple of Owen's latest achievements, here's a little clip I made earlier.

Tonight's video is dedicated to Jen and Margot. O and I hope you enjoy it :)

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  1. Margot likes the wave at the end the best but she's too young for blowing kisses. She'll be 30 years. :)


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