Thursday, 26 May 2011

Cruisin' for Mamas

I started to write this post yesterday but only managed to finish it today. Please refer to previous post regarding abject failure to do a million different things at once.

Excuse my terrible attempt at street language. I'm not even sure that means anything. But the title of my post is in reference to my slightly obsessive stalking of any potential mummy friends at the park. Owen has been most useful of late. Not only is he cute, smiley and hungry for love and attention from anything with a pulse but as he marches out clutching onto my finger he is easily steered in the direction of any mummies that have caught my eye. And conversation ensues.

If I may be so picky and judgemental, I feel I have gradually been moving up the suitability scale with my selections. Today I feel like I soared. I met Gaelle. Our paths had crossed as we entered the park. She had a cool hat. She registered on the radar. Owen and I went and plonked ourselves down on the grass to do some walking practice (he took his first steps on Saturday, which really deserved a post. Poor O, life can be unfair when you arrive second). The nice lady with the cool hat came and sat near us on her rug with her baby girl. O and I did some loops, gradually closing in until, target in range, locked on, O turned his charm on the nice lady who started to smile back at him. And conversation ensued. She asked me O's name. When I told her she asked if he had a sister called Matilda. Her reputation precedes her. Turns out we share the same boulangère, Mimi. Gaelle is a freelance designer, seems to have friends in Béziers who are musicians and artists (who live in my quartier apparently, where???) and is really very lovely. We had a good old chat. Our mini-beasts batted each other about in that curious yet casually agressive way that small babies have of exploring the world and all it contains. Matilda, taking advantage of my inattention, got herself sopping wet playing in the fountain. We all left the park together and said we hoped we would meet again soon.

That might be the last time I see her (I've never seen her before) but one nice afternoon in the park and a connection made, however briefly, is always a RTBC.

And for those of you who only "read" the blog to catch a glimpse of the mini-beasts here they are playing in my bookshelves. I also captured O's first solo ascent onto our bed. I stopped the cameras rolling just before Matilda got him in a headlock.

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  1. Margot absolutely adores this video. She is transfixed with a permanent smile on her face the entire time we watch it (many times).She really wants to join in!


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