Monday, 4 April 2011

You know when...

It's happened to us all. Today it happened to me. I found 25 euros tucked into my purse. And I found a 10 euro money off voucher for the supermarket. As I don't remember where either of these little gifts came from I consider that I have "won" 35 euros. That's quite a lot in my world.

Here's a picture of what I would buy if I had a lot of money.

And this.

And maybe this.

Although no money in the world can buy you this.

[I do realise that I cannot buy any of the above but I don't like to muddy my fantasies with realism.]


  1. What's the third photo? A chocolate factory?

  2. Specifically, the Lindt chocolate factory :q

  3. You can have Marina for 20 Euros if you like, but you'd have to give her back in time for tea (and cake).


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