Thursday, 7 April 2011


At the moment life is nice and mellow around here. We went to Anne and Pascal's on Saturday and they gave Matilda some old jigsaws. Jigsaws are my new favourite thing. I've always loved jigsaws and happily it turns out Matilda loves jigsaws too. They keep her quiet for ages! We've also played boardgames, done some painting, read books, made a birthday card, practised catching and throwing, sung songs, had cuddles while watching Peppa Pig and rolled around on the bed being silly. It feels like this is what being a stay at home mum should be about.

We've also had tantrums, clonked heads, renegade wee, raspberry-propelled food, runny noses and many hot little tears. Which is what being a parent is about whether you stay at home, go out to work, or shut yourself a darkened room chanting Om (Jen ;).

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  1. We've learned a new trick to keep Margot quiet: give her shredded cheese to eat. I'd give her puzzle but she'd just try and eat that too so I might as well stick with something edible :)
    - Simon


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