Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Potty Wars

I love how independent Matilda is and her independence is starting to help in the slog to go from nappies to knickers. This morning she informed me that she was going upstairs to do a wee, "toute seule, stay there mummy". Nervously, I agreed and let her go. A couple of minutes later she reappeared. I asked her if she'd washed her hands. Ah, no! She disappeared again upstairs. I heard scrapings (presumably her stool being moved to the sink), water gushing, more scrapings, strange and unsettling noises that I was unable to identify. After a rather longer period she reappeared again and informed me that she had not only washed her hands but cleaned her teeth. Brilliant, I said. What's the damage? I thought.

I mounted the stairs with trepidation to find the bathroom looking like this:

Notice anything? No me neither! There's a little bit of toilet roll unravelling going on next to the toilet but other than that it all looks pretty clean. No mess, no flooding, nothing broken. The stool, which I'd heard being scraped across the floor, has been neatly tidied away in its usual place. I can't be sure about what exactly brushing the teeth entailed but there was definite evidence of toothpaste in the vicinity of the mouth.

So a major breaththrough in the potty wars.

We also received a mighty battle weapon in the post this morning. Peppa Pig knickers from the grandspoilers in Blighty. There was much rejoicing.


  1. Simon: potty trained? That is just brilliant!

    Jen: we will contact you in a year when we need tips! I like your bathroom. xox

  2. Yay! House trained and potty trained! Long may it last - or at least until the novelty wears off and the apathy sets in (with Matilda, that is, altohugh maybe you too!). Marina has had two whole nappy-free nights with no sheet changing required - is it too much to hope for a third? In the words of the Lighthouse Family, we've been lifting, which I thought was a ridiculous concept until we tried it (putting sleeping child on potty - ha! as if!) but, although she didn't exactly stay asleep, it seems to have prevented nocturnal leakage... so far...


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