Wednesday, 13 April 2011

More odds and sods

I find myself strangely uninspired. Not that I don't have a million little reasons to be cheerful every day, but every day they are the same million little reasons and sometimes I feel rather self-conscious about just posting up random drivel. But anyway, a small selection of random everyday drivelling RTBCs.

1. It's hot. Hot means no socks. No socks means bare feet and no socks to wash. More precisely no socks to hang out to dry. Is not hanging socks out to dry one of the most tedious household tasks?
2. Owen is brilliant. He swing about the furniture like some miniature house-bound Tarzan, he climbs the stairs, he chatters and shouts and giggles and never shuts up, he rocks like a crazy person to any music I put on, and sometimes just to the music in his head and he still has that smile. The most amazing smile.
3. I have been asked to edit our local quartier's journal. It makes me feel like a proper person sitting down in front of my laptop and working.
4. Matilda's singing, particularly incy wince pider.
5. Fanf
6. Matilda and Owen. And the way they love each other. Fiercely. I'm not sure they'll both make it to adulthood. Or even next week.


  1. Since I don't like wearing socks, I would fit right in!
    We're due for a chat.
    Jen xox

  2. Ah Jen, there are so many reasons why you'd fit right in :) xxx


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