Thursday, 21 April 2011

Happiness is...

Today, in a rare moment of peaceful reflection, I realised I love being a stay at home mum right now. I love it so much I haven't seriously worried about what to do when school comes along for a while. And I think this is probably a state of mind to keep and savour. I want to enjoy my stay at home mumness, it's brilliant. I get to share in all the fun of being a kid during the day, and all the fun of being an adult at night. I'll have plenty of time to worry about being miserable and unemployed when I am. If I may blow my own little rusty trumpet, just for a second, people are always telling me how polite, bright, beautiful (ok, I don't have much to do with that) and friendly my children are. Several people told me today. I am with my kids practically all the time so, if I may be so bold, I take a lot of credit for that. Of course none of this would be possible without the wonder that is Fanf. Together we are a parenting powerhouse. Or at the very least a Tuscan villa.


  1. This post makes me happy ;)
    ~Jen xox~

  2. Time goes by so fast and things will change by the time the kids are in school ( Fraser starts half days in august here and Duncan will be in Primary One. ) I'm glad you're enjoying this stage, I'm very happy I stayed home until Fraser was two!


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