Saturday, 26 March 2011

White Chocolate Mush

As you know, I get a certain perverse kick from documenting my culinary failures. Today, like the good little hausfrau that I am, I attempted to make a white chocolate mousse as a special treat for tea. Despite the fact that the recipe requires only four ingredients (and one of those is a pinch of salt) I managed to make something that was more swampy than moussy. All hard and lumpy on top, with a most unpleasant murky liquid lurking at the bottom of the dish. Urk urk urk. My faithful little band nonetheless attacked my mush with gusto. Matilda asked for a third helping (denied). Just goes to show that like mother, like daughter. Chocolate, presented in any way, shape or form, is still chocolate.

(Note the blur, due to intense speed of hand to mouth shovelling.)


  1. I'm afraid of your reaction. But here it goes: I'm not a fan of white chocolate. There. It's out in the open.

  2. Well I'm sure it was a lot better than you make out, especially if Matilda wanted 3 bowls. I agree with Jen about the White chocolate, plain is the only way to go.

  3. It really wasn't better than it looked. Fanf wouldn't eat it, and you know how polite he is! When I was a kid I loved white chocolate, and then I grew up and I didn't, and now I do again. We have a complicated relationship.


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