Sunday, 20 March 2011

Odds and Sods

RTBCs this weekend:

The gigantic ovarian cyst has gone. I have no regrets. Only slightly uncomfortable bubbles in my shoulders. Pretty weird.

The not-so-monstrous Monster went and got her first haircut in a father-daughter trip (yes, that's right, father-daughter) to the hairdressers. It looks like this:

Pretty cute.

I spent several happy hours perusing the Persephone catalogue to choose a book, as the ever lovely Jen sent me a get-well gift voucher. I now have a long wishlist for my next book order. But this time I chose Hetty Dorval by Ethel Wilson. Pretty intriguing.

I made pizza. Proper pizza. Made my own dough and kneaded it and everything (actually, the kneading was everything). It looked like this:

Pretty yum.

We went to the park this afternoon. It was all springy. Pretty uplifting.

Wrigglesworth has started dancing. It looks like this:

Pretty funny.

Or perhaps a little worrying...


  1. from JEN
    Very pretty haircut M. Was she treated to a lunch at a café afterwards? Nice!
    Your pizza looks so yummy. What's your recipe for the dough?
    Nice moves, O.! |Where did he learn to dance like that? Margot enjoyed the show.
    Jen xox

  2. I'll send you the recipe for the pizza. And no she wasn't treated to lunch, it was afternoon tea. And she wasn't even really "treated" to that as all we ordered her was a glass of tap water and she got the biscuit that came with Fanf's coffee. What rotten meanies we are. She seemed happy enough though ;)


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