Friday, 11 March 2011

The mini-beasts have left the building...

... and they're not coming back until tomorrow afternoon.

How to describe how I feel right now with a cosy, romantic evening with the fella ahead of me? With a cosy, romantic lie-in tomorrow morning? With a leisurely brunch?

Happier than if someone had just presented me with a lifetime's supply of Lindt.

Really. I'm that happy.

I do however, in the mini-beasts absence, have to clean everything from top to toe as the belle maman will be arriving on Sunday, and prepare baked goodies for my birthday goûter tomorrow. But both activities can be attacked whilst listening to my new CDs. Thank you Dan and Kelly, yours arrived today ~ Jen, I love yours ~ Fanf, expect to come home and find me warbling along with Edith Piaf.

Happy happy happy.

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