Friday, 11 March 2011

Meet the newest member of the family

This is Zhu Zhu Princess. She's a hamster. She's magical.

She is indeed magical as I raved to Ju, who very kindly sent me this for my birthday. I have told the Monster many times that Zhu Zhu is mine but Her Royal Hamsterness has not left the Monster's clutches since she was unpacked from the box. But I don't mind because she keeps the Monster occupied for hours. Gone are the wailing demands for the tv, gone are the messy attempts to contain the spread of play doh or paint through the house, gone are the daily toy cluster bombs. Zhu Zhu is a marvel. Every strung out parent should have one. And if the fascination doesn't last, and according to Ju it doesn't, then that's fine as well, because then I can play with Zhu Zhu.

The Monster showed a precocious talent for sadism by placing Zhu Zhu in the bilibo and watching her futile attempts to climb out.

Anyway, here's a little film so you can get to know Zhu Zhu better.

Actually the funniest thing about Zhu Zhu (other than her name) is the warning not to let her near your hair. I imagine Zhu Zhu, enraged, going for my split ends.


  1. This is the best toy for Matilda! Let her have it/her! Are they all named Zhu Zhu? Or is Zhu Zhu her own personal name (like Cabbage Patch dolls)?
    jen xox

  2. For all Zhu Zhu related enquiries you can go to :)


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