Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Many happy returns to me

Today, 34 years ago, I entered this mad world. At tea time. How civilised.

Today, 34 years later, I woke up feeling grumpy and miserable about all the things I don't have.

A cold-free head and gunk-free eyes (likewise for the mini-beasts)
A good night's sleep
A lavish present from a fella who is not as worn out and sleep-deprived as his good lady concubine and whose energies are not currently diverted, like mine, into surviving the early years with the mini-beasts
A daughter who does what I tell her, first time, and immediately (does anyone have this? really??)
A place of work to which I could ring in sick
Time for me and the fella sans mini-beasts (this above all....)

Then I opened two lovely parcels from Jen and Michaela, both inspiring in their own ways. MiK gave me, amongst other things, loo roll. Hah. Loo roll. Jen gave me all kinds of useful and thoughtful bits and doings.

Then I decided that rather than be grumpy about what I don't have I should be happy about what I do. So I will probably get no time with Fanf alone tonight, well then, I'll make the most of the time we have as a family. We'll be pining for their constant demands for attention and cuddles soon enough no doubt. And yes I'm ill, but I'm not ill ill. It's tiresome, but that's all. And the fella is making me crêpes tonight, what need I lavish gifts when I have the fella's homemade crêpes. And the fella.

Today, as well as being my birthday, is Pancake Day and International Women's Day. How nice to share my birthday with two such brilliant contributions to humankind.

And as for that quote, which Mama Mogantosh had the good grace to refer to as "literary", it's Lina Lamont from Singin' in the Rain. One of my favourite all time films and a perpetual RTBC.


  1. Pancake day? Really? And it's on the same day as Women's International Day? Hum... makes me wonder "who is making those pancakes?". It should be "fix your car day" so women can get a break, or better still "bring the mini-beasts to the park picnic day...all afternoon...and don't come back until sunset-day".
    Your birthday falls at the most perfect day. This was my grandmother's birthday.
    Happy Celebrations! (even if it's only crêpes that your fella is making).

  2. Joyeux anniversaire ma petite bex!
    les crêpes étaient-elles bonnes? en avez-vous fait un gros tas qui ressemble à un gâteau pour y mettre 34 bougies dessus?
    grosses bises


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