Monday, 21 March 2011

Making being a stay-at-home mum meaningful

Today is the first day for about a month when I got up feeling I could get things done. Not simply survive from dawn til dusk without injury (accidental... or otherwise) to myself or one of the mini-beasts. So I had a list of projects I wanted to get my teeth into again. But I came down from my shower this morning and found the mini-beasts like this in the playpen:

And then they gave me a little impromptu concert:

Their own homespun version of Making Music Meaningful (an activity their little Canuck friend, Margot, enjoys).

Just look at them, what else could I possibly want to do other than join in? So I did.

I reminded myself that being a stay-at-home is not an excuse to get on with my own stuff, although that is a perk, more than that, an opportunity not to be missed. But not at the expense of the greatest opportunity of all: to spend lots of time with my kids. So I abandonned all other projects and we spent the day mucking about together.

And it was good.

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  1. I can't see the first picture. The concert: you have two great percussionists in the making!
    It's spring! That's why everything is easier and more fun!


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