Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Land of Nod

I haven't dared post about this for fear of jinxing ourselves but today it's been two weeks. Today I can dance my little dance of joy and shout it from the rooftops, sleep, so simple, so blissful, so elusive, eludes us no longer. What brought about this life-changing miracle? Well, credit where credit's due, it was Fanf's idea, he decided to put the mini-beasts in the same bedroom. And it worked. Immediately. What's more, Matilda, whose bedtime had become a desperate little maelstrom of unhappiness, now goes to bed fairly peaceably. She's so happy and proud to be sleeping with her brother. The other morning we heard her giggling and we went in to find her in stitches, she said Owen was being "rigolo". He didn't appear to be doing anything much other than giving her his big dopey grin but actually his big dopey grin makes me giggle too.

Don't get me wrong, it's not perfect. Last night Matilda was up twice for a wee and Owen once the night before for a grumble about his teeth. But there is no terrible crying, no Jack in the boxing up and down the stairs, no emotional blackmail or bribery ("Go back to sleep now and you can have a chocolate lolly in the morning", "You're making mummy very unhappy"). But we have had runs of three, even four nights without stirring and in any case, if I may borrow the words of someone very wise, perfection doesn't exist in my world.

You don't realize how bad sleep deprivation feels until you're out of it. We're out of it. RTBC to the power of 1000. I know some parents have sleepless nights for years rather than months, so I guess we're lucky. In fact, as I said to Fanf, it feels now like the worst is behind us (for the baby years). It feels good. It feels like we're really starting to enjoy being a family. Not just surviving.

Oh, and we now have a guest bedroom. Yay.

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