Thursday, 31 March 2011

DJ Tidla in da' hovel

Not a lot to report. We are happily falling into a routine that allows us all time for ourselves and time for having fun together. I have been trying to rework my book ready for sending it off, cap in hand, to the publishers. Matilda has been providing us with the soundtrack for our days. As a DJ, she lacks a certain essential eclectism. Thankfully the CD that is currently claiming squatter's rights in the CD player and in her heart is Café Africa, a compilation of African songs. I got hold of this CD because it has on it two songs that Max Stafford-Clark used in his production of The Overwhelming by JT Rogers. The Overwhelming was the first show I worked on when I started at Out of Joint theatre company. Listening to the music is slightly bittersweet, it brings back so many memories, of Nao and Alex, of moving to London with Fanf, of the National Theatre, of theatre... The two songs Max chose are the beautiful Silence by Pierre Akendengué, which sadly I can't find to share with you, and the ebullient (I love that word!) Fati Mata by Sam Mangwana, which happily I did find on YouTube. So here it is, enjoy.


  1. Go DJ Tilda! Music for dancing in the kitchen while preparing dinner (or, in M.'s case, in helping with the prep or keeping a watchful eye over O., whom, I imagine, swaying from side to side grinning)
    Jen xox

  2. So, I have finally caught up on your blog. I must say the videos and tales of you 2 children has kept me amused for the last 45 minutes. I am very glad everything is starting to settle down. And I appreciate I am going to back a bit, but my suggestions are winky and woo woo. I let you decide which should be which.



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