Thursday, 3 February 2011

Where's the exit?

I'm done. I've had enough. I need sleep. I need sanity. Would someone kindly show me which button to press to make this all stop. Last night at the parents was hell. Currently both mini-beasts are refusing to go to sleep, and when I say "refusing" I mean screaming the house down. At least I am not stressed about one waking the other up. Instead I am downstairs metaphorically rocking in the corner, gently pulling imaginary lice out of my hair and eating them. Metaphorically. And imaginary lice. Actually, I'm tapping furiously away at my keyboard. And I washed my hair this morning.

So, rant over, here's some photos of the Monster wearing the rather fantabulous hat Uncle Ben bought her in New York. She's insisted on wearing it constantly since she received it. Look Bex, just look at what a little sweetie she is, how could you not want that to be part of your life? And yes, that is me actually blogging to myself.

You'll be pleased to know, but not as pleased as me, that there is now a hallowed hush in the Pilbeam-Canteau hovel. How long will it last? I don't know but I'm off to bed to make the most of it.

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  1. Sometimes the universe can seem like it's bearing down on you from all directions: kids crying; house a mess; angry thoughts. Nothing happening the way it’s supposed to.

    And that’s when your family and friends (or your friends’ partners!) step in and remind you that they are there.

    I just emailed you a quirky song. Hope it inspires you to dance with O and M and F and hum and be silly and drink wine and laugh!

    Canada is on your side :)

  2. Courage, ma belle.
    Je pense à toi.

  3. Thank you Canada ;) It lasted half an hour and then ensued another miserable night. Fanf's home ce soir after a week away and that just makes everything better. Not brilliant, but much much better!! I hope you're having calmer nights xxx


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