Saturday, 19 February 2011

Saturday in photos: la piscine

Uncle Ben has an underwater camera cover so here, especially for you, never before seen photos from the Fleury d'Aude piscine where we go every Saturday morning. The Monster has been through a bit of a timid period in the water and has been insisting on holding on to us but today she was back to her usual, "non, toute seule, Maman GO". A relief, and also a teeny tiny bit sad. Though as I always say, I prefers 'em independent.


  1. Will we go to Fleury D'Aude piscine when we visit?
    It looks like fun! It has inspired me to go to the pool with Margot...She is starting to enjoy baths (finally!). Perhaps she's ready for the pool.

  2. Hadn't thought about it but yes, let's! :)


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