Sunday, 6 February 2011

My favourite things

Fanf home for the weekend,
And baking lemon squares,
Mini-beasts sleeping through the night,
No tramping up and down stairs,

A day trip to Millau,
To see Foster's pont,

This is the kind of weekend that I want!

The Pont de Millau was amazing. When we arrived the valley was buried in cloud and we couldn't see much of the bridge, it all looked rather ethereal. The air was so fresh, so invigorating - I love clean, cold, crisp air.

Afterwards we headed into the town of Millau to eat. Chocolate mousse for everyone. Yum. (We did eat some proper food first. Well... chips.)

There was a spot of what is fast becoming the family sport: throwing rocks in water. The Tarn was so clear we could actually see the rocks sinking to the bottom.

After having a huge tantrum (we are not the Von Trapps) the Monster ended up on the fella's shoulders where, all tantrumed out, she promptly fell asleep.

When her mamie asked her this evening what she had done today she looked mistily upwards, gently waved her arm in the air and whispered "les nuages".


  1. Looks like you were feeding Matilda red wine for lunch from the photo. No wonder she fell asleep. Good move, maybe you should do that more often!

  2. Yeah, red wine for the Monster, that would be more fun than uncontrollable screaming as a means of getting her to sleep... x

  3. Looks lovely...beautiful pictures.

    Looked at flights again today... end of March perhaps?!

    Miss you

    Nao x

  4. (from me, Jen!)
    I was trying to sing along to The Sound of Music song... didn't work.
    Love the pictures. Lunch looks yummy ;)


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