Wednesday, 16 February 2011


The Monster, tonight, choosing her bedtime story.

"This one (picking up Madame Indécise), no, this one (picking up Monsieur Joyeux)".

She then picked up and stared lovingly at both of them.

"This one".

She plumped for Madame Indécise. The irony. It's always difficult for her when we give her the choice because she can't do the opposite of what we want, which is very much the name of the Monster game at the moment.


  1. (from Jen)
    The solution: do not give her options. I think toddlers get too many options: orange juice or apple juice? red shoes or blue shoes? They don't know and in most cases don't have an opinion. The less options, the better. Simple. Simple for the parent. Simple for the child.
    (I don't know if I will follow this philosophy as I already catch myself offering options to Margot, and she can't talk yet!)

  2. Actually giving options, when I can (there are plenty enough times when she just receives direct orders), is something I do to stop her being contrary. And I do believe in both teaching kids to make choices (M is generally very good at this, but everything is slowed down around bedtime) and giving them some control over their lives. Having done a bit of research into tantrum management and bedtime routines this weekend it seems that your average two-year old is rather obsessed with control (tell me something I didn't know!) so allowing them choices, when you can, can calm them. Like you, I started giving M choices before she could talk, I think because it's nice to feel like you're interacting. Ah, the parenting lark! What we need is some modern day Moses sent down from the mountain with some tablets and some rules! x

  3. Tablets for the headaches... ;)


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