Tuesday, 18 January 2011

You can take the girl out of Blighty...

The mini-beasts dispatched for their weekly visit to the grandspoilers I have been catching up on my Radio 4 listening (at the same time as getting on with other things, of course). I love Radio 4. Unashamedly. I'd like to say that it is for the inciteful news and current affairs programmes, the probing examinations of modern day issues, religion and morality, the interesting reviews of cultural events but, whilst I do love all these things, all I have done today is listen to their comedy shows. I love Radio 4, but my relationship with the Radio 4 comedy shows, old and new, is about more than love, they are part of my inner being. Before Fanf, and for years, I always used to drift off to sleep to middle England laughing along to the ridiculous antics of Just a Minute, The Goons, The News Quiz, Knowing me, knowing you with Alan Partridge, Jeremy Hardy speaks to the nation, Mark Thomas: The Manifesto, anything with John Hegley and my absolute favourite I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue. How I miss Humph [bottom left] and Willie [bottom right]...

What is great about these shows is that, even when taking on serious issues, they remain resolutely, gloriously silly. And something about the radio is so much more comforting than the tv. Television invades your home and pins you down (which is just what you need sometimes). Radio surrounds you like a comforting blanket as you pootle about your house. Listening to these shows I feel at one with the great cosmic silliness of it all.

p.s. "girl", self-deluded or what?!


  1. Hi Honey. Your pressie has arrived. It is tres cool. Thanks to you lot. It definitely merits a picture on my next blog. Hugs and Kisses to all, but especially to you.


  2. I so agree. Me, I love the Woman's Hour. Always on my podcast list.


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