Monday, 31 January 2011

The wanderer returns, briefly

Uncle Ben is currently in New York. Tomorrow he will be in Blighty. Wednesday, he is jetting into Carcassonne. How fancy is that? We here at the Pilbeam-Canteau hovel are all most excited. And not only because the fella is away for the next two weeks and Ben is the best nanny (or should that be the best billy??) around. Ben is just the best person to have around. So hooray for travel fatigue, as it means we get to hang out with Benj for a couple of weeks before he jets back to Mexico and South America.

When I got the news this morning I did stop to consider how lucky I am sometimes. I had been dreading my two weeks sans fella. I take off my hat and every other item of clothing to those parents who are going it alone permanently. How do you not go insane in the brain? My brain, such as it is, will continue to limp doggedly onwards, thanks to this impromptu fraternal visitation. My lucky stars, seemingly remiss in other areas of my life, have done a good job of taking care of me here.


  1. I didn't realise I was going to have to perform nanny duties!

    By the way that photo isn't of me. It's an American guy called Mike. I can't belive you don't recognise your own protist!

  2. Sorry that should have been brother. I have no idea what a protist is! Must have been some sort of auto correct

  3. hehehehe

    Protist = Any of a group of eukaryotic organisms belonging to the Kingdom Protista.

    Of course.

    And sorry!

  4. I'm so happy that you will have your nanny for the next two weeks while Fanf is away. Great timing! The Monster and Wrigglesworth are in good hands.And hopefully you'll get a bit of "répis" to read and write.


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