Thursday, 20 January 2011

Swanky wangles

In cheerful news (pretty damned amazing news), the lovely Katie has wangled me some swanky contacts in the world of children's publishing. Some friends (husband and wife) of a friend of the lovely Katie, who work for Orchard Books, have agreed to have a look at my scribblings and offer me some advice. How exceptionally nice of this couple, and she's on maternity leave. What a brilliant opportunity. Thank you so much to Katie for setting this up. Although I am preparing myself for how I'll feel if/when they say give up now...

In less cheerful news, plans to hone my first chapters to over/underwhelm them with were scuppered when the Monster returned from the grandspoilers with a fever which has required much TLC and an afternoon nap curled up on my tummy. But to clutch at silver linings (and mix my metaphors), I do not have the cuddliest of daughters so any chance of a some cuddle time is always seized with glee, even a hot little cuddle. En plus, I am now rested and, yet again, live to fight another day.

Some day soon I am going to have to stop living and do a bit of fighting!

And because you'd all been wondering what lunchtime was like in our house (you had, right?) here's a glimpse of the fun now that Wrigglesworth has joined us in the high chair.

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  1. This is such a funny video! I have no ideas what M. was saying, but it sounded hilarious. And O. is quite vocal these days...most excellent!
    Oh, and that is quite uplifting news of having your book passed on the publishers. I checked out Orchard Books website and they seem quite friendly. I also checked out their published authors and noticed that there was a spot in the "P" for "Pilbeam"!


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