Thursday, 6 January 2011

Same old, same old (lucky for me)

I sometimes feel like I just write the same couple of posts over and over again.

1. My kids are cute.
2. My kids are a pain in the a**e.
3. I'm miserable, poor me.
4. I crave sugar.
5. My friends (friends include brothers) are brilliant.

This is a My friends are brilliant post. Yesterday we received a copy of the BBC adaptation of The Gruffalo from Katie (see above photo of the Monster tranfixed) and today we received a Christmas parcel from Alex with a book for Wrigglesworth, some chocolate for me (the label said to Fanf and Bex but I'm sure Alex just meant to be polite) and this rather fabulous parrot puppet for the Monster.

I also had my monthly scheduled chat with Jen yesterday and a surprise chat with Benj in Oz this morning.

So many RTBCs, I don't need to post again for at least a week!

[EDIT: It suddenly struck me that it's not a parrot, it's a bird of paradise. I wouldn't want you to think I was the kind of person that didn't know the difference.]


  1. Plus you're in Bezier, France! Sounds fancier than Gatineau which sounds like a type of plastic.

  2. Parrot...bird of paradise...i wouldn't know the difference to be quite honest.
    Owen looks very happy!
    Jen xox


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