Wednesday, 19 January 2011


The Monster decided she wanted to spend last night with the grandspoilers which meant Wrigglesworth and I had a lovely day to ourselves today. This afternoon we went to a different park, the one with the duck pond, and Wrigglesworth watched the ducks with suspicion. I can see his point, I've always found ducks to be a bit shifty. I think they know things.

Anyway, duck watching over, he blew raspberries into his compote. Always a fun game.

And gave me lots of gratifyingly loving big blue-eyed stares.


  1. I agree: ducks are a bit shifty. W. has good instincts.
    Such beautiful eyes (in the 3rd pic).
    (from me, Jen)

  2. Of course he is georgous. He looks like me ;o)


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