Sunday, 30 January 2011

(Mini) Greedy Bird Baking Enterprise #16 Chocolate Muffins à la Monster

The GBBE has been temporarily out of action following the post-Christmas funding (and trouser space) crisis. But today, in a last minute fit of hospitality, we invited Anne, Pascal and the boys over for goûter and because I studiously avoid keeping biscuits or cake in the house I had nothing to offer them. So, with budgetary considerations in mind, I decided to make something using only what I already had in the cupboards.


Chocolate muffins with lurid sea-themed decoration (courtesy of the Monster). Inevitably, the kids just ate the sweets and then licked off the icing. Note to self: never be precious when cooking for children.

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  1. The Monster looks very pleased to offer her cupcakes to her cousins. She's turning out to be a creative lil' baker.
    p.s. love the mummy & daughter pic.
    p.s. how's the apron? it looks like it gets the job done?


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