Thursday, 13 January 2011

Love's young dream

The Monster has an admirer. Maxence. Their courtship (lasting several months now) has been touching to behold. I approve, Maxence is an irrepressible sweetie. There were kisses (see photo below) and some bottom touching (photos not shown, this is a nice blog) but only to help each other go the wrong way up the slide.

Thankfully for the Monster we had removed her rather fetching liquorice goatee prior to the arrival of her paramour.


  1. Ouhhh lala! Do they see each other quite a lot? How did they meet? Like all blossoming romances, I want details!
    (i like picture #2 . she's looking at him quite intensely!)

  2. They first met in the summer and we see them quite a lot in the park and they just hit it off. It was kisses from day one. They're both little toughies. Whenever Maxence gets a kiss he shouts bravo and claps himself. Boys!! ;) xxx

  3. I have to say (because Bex didn't mentionned it) that I disapprove totally but feel helpless to repress any of those moments!!!


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