Friday, 7 January 2011

Friday in photos: La Fête des Rois

The eating of the galette and associated festivities.

Tonight, when I was giving Owen his bedtime feed, I suddenly felt unbelievably happy. For no reason whatsoever. So that's nice.


  1. this is jen (using simon's sign in)
    -Did you make the galette?
    -Was there a bean in it? Est-ce que c'est un haricot ou une bague?
    -A crown on Fanf suits him very nicely.
    -Feeling unbelievably happy for no reason is simply perfect!
    p..s keep your eyes on the post! xox

  2. 1. I wish! Believe me I would have crowed about it if I had.
    2. There was a feve, Matilda got it. It was a hippo in a circus train carriage. Odd.
    3. He is king of his little household.
    4. Yup :)
    Good job I have a "lovely things in the post" category. You're so very sweet.


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