Tuesday, 4 January 2011

And so it goes

So, with not one but two nights' good sleep (we've removed Wrigglesworth from Ebay again) I can face the future. Here is my list of stuff what I would like to get up'n'doin' in 2011.

1. Prepare and send off the book I wrote for the Monster to a few publishers. Still makes me feel hugely arrogant to even think about sending it off but I tell myself it will ensure that the book is as good as it can possibly be. It will not get published.

2. Start writing a book for Wrigglesworth.

3. Take a trip to Blightly, mini-beasts in tow. And, if possible, the fella.

4. Get fit again.

5. Discover some new and exciting activity that involves me, and only me. And that doesn't mean giving English classes (which incidentally I shall be starting in a couple of hours).

6. Look for a job. If I find something that pays enough, either here or back in Blighty, then the fella and I think it might be grand to swap roles.

7. Find some time to be alone with the fella.

Right, that already looks like far too much for my tiny frazzled mind but I have the whole year and I am not going to beat myself up if I fail to do all of these things. Although I would deem myself most rubbish if I did fail to get going on at least one thing on my list. With this in mind I have just (mid-post) been on to Amazon and ordered the Children's Writers' and Artists' Handbook 2011, which I understand is the first step to getting published as it lists details of all possible publishers.


And so it goes.
(A favourite phrase, pilfered, with thanks, from Alan Bennett).


  1. I really like today's post and am looking forward to our phone chat.
    I admire your courage for sending your book to publishers. You have nothing to lose. And even if it gets rejected, your friends would love to read it!
    And so it goes!

  2. Yay, you go girl (as they say). Great goals (I say as they're much like mine!). Suggest getting an agent before contacting publishers to maximise your chances of publication - unsolicited manuscripts tend to head straight for the shredder. Happy Noo Year!


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