Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Adventures in Goggleboxing

Katie's presents always seem to arrive just when we need them. Today the Monster received this beautiful animation, Lost and Found, adapted from the book by Oliver Jeffers. We were adamant that the Monster wouldn't become a worshipper of the gogglebox, and before the age of two she hardly watched tv at all but, like every adamant parent, we have become less so in the face of day to day reality. Sometimes I've been running around all day, up'n'doin', and need a rest, and the Monster is the same. Sometimes I just want to flop in front of the telly, and the Monster is the same. Sometimes Wrigglesworth has kept us all awake by crying through the night (alltimes at the moment, and 3 hours last night) and then all any of us wants to do is pile together, Simpsons-like, onto the sofa. Today everybody is very ti-gay (Monsterspeak for "tired") so this delightful little story of friendship between a boy and a penguin was just the shot of cheerfulness we all needed. Thank you so much Katie, I'd row you back to the South Pole if you if you turned up lost on my doorstep. And you were a penguin.

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  1. The way Margot's going, I have a feeling that I will need to resolve to tv in the future.


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