Thursday, 30 December 2010

A rock'n'roll Cwizmus

I used to love Christmas as a kid. As an adult I am increasingly ambivalent. This Christmas was hectic. I didn't manage to do any reading at all. I think if I could slow the whole thing down, next year might be more enjoyable. Also next year Wrigglesworth will hopefully not be keeping us up half the night.

Anyway, in the spirit of my blog, here is a list of reasons why Christmas was cheerful this year.

1. We had a little mini present opening en famille at home on Christmas morning.
2. I saw people I hadn't seen for far too long and introduced them to Wrigglesworth.
3. I caught up on friend time with Katie.
4. Wrigglesworth learned to roll and roll and roll. And got his first tooth (looks cute but actually not sure that the accompanying crying, rock, rock, rocking, and sore nipples are worth it!)
5. My mum's Christmas pudding. The best.
6. My dad's homemade presents.

Needless to say, both mini-beasts were spoiled rotten. However, despite a huge pile of lovely, thoughtful presents, the Monster's favourite acquisition on Christmas day was a toy boat she found and adopted, one previous owner (her cousin, Armand). It's currently sitting on the naughty shelf (an idea I stole from Mogantosh), along with several other favoured items. The excitement of Christmas has led to a rather severe outbreak of naughtiness.

[I have interspersed some of my rubbish photos. Some much better ones, taken by our official Christmas photographer, Katie, will follow as soon as I transfer them onto my computer.]

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