Sunday, 5 December 2010

New hair

... or more accurately, rather less of the old hair. RTBC or RTBM? I'm ambivalent. I was aiming for footloose, devil may care hair. When I left the hairdressers it was more shaggy mushroom on a dank forest floor hair. My self-image is not very high at the moment and I was somehow imagining I'd be transformed but I'm still me, with my baggy eyes, sallow skin, shoplifters clothes and post child-birth body.

The fella seems to think this is just fine. And I suppose it is.

[Photo carefully taken from a slightly elevated angle to hide the double chin.]


  1. I like it!
    Change in appearance is good after you've had a baby. That's why I decided to go for bangs.
    p.s. you look as lovely as ever!
    p.s I strongly believe that once you become a mother, you look lovelier.
    p.s. decided to join Monster & Wrigglesworth for your "about me" picture? awesome!

  2. You and your bangs were something of an inspiration actually :) And thank you for all the lovely comments. I particularly like that I get extra xox's with the p.s.'s.
    xxx xxx xxx

  3. I think think the new hair looks good. Rex said she thinks it makes you look younger and suited you. And she should know about these things.


  4. I like it, also have you lost weight? xxx

  5. Benj, bless you. Maybe... or maybe it's just that clever old camera angle ;)


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