Sunday, 12 December 2010

Nay-oh, Nay-ay-ay-oh, Nao came and we all loved her

I'm back.

Actually I haven't been away. Or done anything different to usual. I've just done it with Nao. It was so nice to have a giggle, and a natter and some chocolate and some wine. And Nao was so lovely and easy to have around, just slotting in with the ridiculous rhythms and demands of the mini-beasts, making us pea soup and being an excellent reader of books. Matilda was most perturbed last night when Nao's toothbrush had gone and she could no longer put it in her toothbrush glass next to her own brush.

We love Nao. She is our friend and there art we all happy.

Looking at photos of boats on Nao's Blackberry.

Sitting on the floor, "Comme Nao".

Going on a Bear Hunt.

Playing Sophie and crocodile try to drink from the same glass. The funniest game ever.

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  1. Matilda seemed to have had a blast with Nao. So wonderful for you to have company.


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