Monday, 13 December 2010

My mini singing me

I know it makes me seem like something of a narcissist, but I love it when the Monster loves the things I love. She has recently starting singing. In fact this post is inspired by her spontaneous rendition of Row, row, row your boat for Uncle Dan yesterday. The version I have captured on film is not quite as good, as she is now increasingly just skipping to her favourite bit, the Merrilys (or melilee). However there is also a burst of Hawoleen, hawoleen from the Nightmare Before Christmas, her current musical and film obsession (I have the CD and the DVD, it's a little bit my obsession too). She's already watched it nearly as many times as I have. So that's quite a lot.

You might not find the melilees and hawoleens as funny as I do (do try and ignore the slightly delirious cackle coming from behind the camera) but hopefully the Monster will provide you with a little moment of cheer.

I should also note that much as the Monster loves singing, she generally hates me joining in. If I so much as open my mouth to sing along with Jack's song I get a stern look, an angry little finger pointed in my direction and strict instructions to "Top!"


  1. i was singing along!
    margot was on my lap throughout the video and it kept her entertained and un-squirmy. she thoroughly enjoyed it.
    i found it hilarious! more please.
    p.s. i can see the obsession with the "merrily" bit.

  2. Un-squirmy. I like that. We shall see what we can do. Maybe I'll google songs with merrily in the lyrics. For a start I can introduce her to a bit of Sondheim with Merrily We Roll Along. I love that song. But Sondheim, perhaps a bit advanced for a 2 year old...

  3. She's brilliant...

    I tried and failed to explain to Bob why the 'Sophie and crocodile fight to drink out of the same glass' game was so funny... hey ho... I guess you had to be there. I am going to add some photos to FB so have a look.

    Did you know Kate Rusby has a Christmas album out. It's called Sweet Bells and was playing in a shop I was in today. It made me think of you. Then I missed you. Then I was sad.

    Kisses to your little ones.

  4. We are all in Nao withdrawal this week :( but it's a little bit of comfort to have you join in with the blog.

    Will definitely look out for Ms Rusby's album but I think my favourite song ever is still the one you used in Flight Path.

    Kisses to you, from the little ones, and the not so little ones (a month's supply of G&B's in one week... really not so little!!)


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