Thursday, 2 December 2010


Lest I forget, some examples of the Monster's initial foray into the wonderful world of words that make me chuckle. She mixes both languages freely, making it difficult for anyone but her parents to understand her. And sometimes we only pretend.

Dod: "dog", one of her first ever words. She can pronounce it correctly now but I'm not sure she ever will.

Mi-keat: "music" or "musique", only not really either of them.

lippy: "slippers", there is no actual lippy in the house.

Tompot: "compote"

C'est Matilda: She wants to do whatever it is you're doing herself.

Carotte (pronounced à la française): "carrot" or "orange" (the colour) as in "What colour is Action Man's car?" "Carotte".

Brock-ee: "broccoli"

de l'eau can: "watering can"

J'ai mal où: Literally "I am hurting where" (for when she is hurting anywhere), which she has starting saying, we think, because we are continually asking her "Tu as mal où?" (where does it hurt?) I don't know if this comes across in English but it's funny in French.

Mini: "fini" (finished), for example, 5 minutes after going to bed, "C'est mini bed."

I looooove: "I love you".

And finally the use of "pas" in front of anything she doesn't want to do or doesn't agree with:

Pas bed.
Pas stop it.
Pas poo stinky. (when accused, usually quite correctly, of being a bit smelly)

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  1. I love it! especially Mi-Keat, c'est mini bed, c'est matilda.


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