Thursday, 16 December 2010

Little town

I was just going into the wine shop when the post lady was coming out, she stopped me and said she had a parcel for me. She ran back to her van and brought it to me in the wine shop.

Then I had a nice chat to the man that owns the wine shop who has a little boy the same age as the Monster. We compared their routes in the market, he gets a pain au roquefort from Mimi, the Monster gets a coque or pain au chocolat.

Then I went to the market and had chats with all the lovely stall holders. They all asked me where the Monster was. They all came cooing around Wrigglesworth who obliged by being his charming smiley self.

I may not have many friends here but I feel very much part of my neighbourhood. Sometimes I think I must be mad to even think about leaving...

p.s. I in no way consider myself to be belle (although I do like books), and the fella is not a beast. Although I always quite fancied the Beast in the Disney film and found it rather disappointing when he changed back into a man.


  1. La vie de quartier! You are quite popular, aren't you? How wonderful to be neighbourly. Glad that not everyone thinks that you're a shoplifter (evil people at the new grocery store).
    p.s. i like Matilda's choice at the bakery.

  2. "... waking up to say.... Bonjour. Bonjour! Bonjour, bonjour, bonjour.
    There goes the baker with his tray like always
    The same old bread and rolls to sell
    Every morning just the same
    Since the morning that we came
    To this poor provincial town - Good morning Belle"

  3. "I want adventure in the great wide open,
    I want it more than I can tell..."

    Does being a nearly shoplifter count as an adventure??



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