Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Lazy housecleaning tips #4

Don't, I repeat, DO NOT invite your beaux parents to stay.

Sadly a piece of my own good advice that I failed to heed. They arrive tomorrow. I am up to my arms in rubber gloves, little moutons of dust balls (which sounds cute but isn't) and toxic smelling cleaning liquids of various kinds. And the thing about "looks clean" as opposed to "is clean" is that after a while the "is actually dirty" underneath begins to rear it's ugly head so that "looks clean", even when some proper scrubbing is applied, looks more like "not had a proper clean in years".

However, with the fella away until Saturday this week I am not wholly adverse to the inlaws arriving as there will be two extra laps on which to sit while books are read, two extra pairs of legs to run around after hyperactive little legs, two extra pairs of arms to provide Wrigglesworth's generous daily quota of cuddles and to wrangle the Monster into bed.

[Picture shown not actual representation of author. And the fella never cleans the car either.]


  1. She looks as if she's really enjoying it!
    Perhaps the beaux parents could do a little cleaning themselves...?...

  2. I think the belle maman is itching to don the gloves. Fanf says I should let her inner clean freak her loose. I'm not sure whether to be embarrassed or grateful... I'm definitely going to let her do all the cooking!

  3. Oh, and yes, the lovely lady in the picture is clearly self-medicating with something slightly stronger than chocolate.


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