Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Happy Advent

In the true spirit of Christmas we have a Kinder Surprise Advent calendar (thank you nana) filled with sugar-happy Kinder chocolate. Nary a baby Jee in sight. I asked the Monster if she could find the number 1, she found the number 11 and proceeded to try and open the door telling me she had found two 1's.

I know a proper chocoholic shouldn't really like Kinder chocolate. But then I've never really been very proper. Kinder Chocolate is delish. And the good people at Ferrero, who would not lie, tell me it's full of milk and therefore very good for me.


  1. I love the first picture! It's as if she's waiting for the "Go!". Those Kinder chocolates are quite big (not like the cheapo little ones we often have here). Since Margot is too young to eat chocolates, I decided to have decorations behind the doors.

  2. Oh they're not all that size - sadly. Mostly it's just little eggs. I think the one from today, the one she has in her hand, is meant to be hung on the tree. We didn't :q


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