Monday, 6 December 2010

Festive RTBC: Christmas without the shopping

It has been decided this year in the Canteau family that the only presents to be given will be by each set of parents to their children. No adult presents, no presents from aunts and uncles, no presents between cousins or brothers and sisters. If this sounds bah humbug to you it sounds ahh bliss to me. I love Christmas but the presents are by far my least favourite part. Unless you do what my dad has done this year and make your presents for everybody (requiring time, talent and inspiration), it all becomes rather impersonal, just a question of ticking people off your list. If I can, I like to take time to really think about what I would like to give someone; birthdays are the ideal time to offer such meaningful presents. (Although I have been a bit rubbish even about this since the mini-beasts.) Christmas, in my experience, just ends up being a scrum of wrapping paper, cardboard boxes and reams of environmentally unfriendly packaging. The presents seem rather pointless. Especially in an age where most people have what they want and children have more than they want and far more than they need (within my own socio-economic group that is... except for me and the fella, we don't, so any presents you fancy giving us, go ahead ;).

I prefer to think of Christmas as the perfect time to catch up. On sleep, on long rambling chats, on reading, on gluttony (not that gluttony and I are ever strangers for very long), on just being with people. And the time to do fun festive things like sing carols, decorate the tree, rewatch old black and white screwball comedies, make mulled wine or go out walking in the cold to see the Christmas lights.


  1. i, like you, find more joy in b-day present shopping and random present days.
    p.s. what does your dad make?

  2. Attention ma petite bex, je vais finir par t'offrir une adhésion aux amis de la terre si ça continue :)
    au fait, super ta nouvelle coiffure, j'adore!


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