Friday, 31 December 2010

A budding career as a chocolatier

The patience of a saint but it was worth it because look what we made :q

Thank you very much to Auntie Katie for supplying everything except the child.

The chocolates are a little present for the Stephs and co. with whom we will be seeing in the New Year tonight. Steph decided that she didn't want any hassle, a laid back, lazy New Year. She has got in a caterer (just for our two families, how decadent/lazy is that?!) and we are going to watch films while our combined pack of mini-beasts tear themselves and everything around them to pieces, comfortably tucked away in their own rooms.

I've mentioned before that I love Steph, right?

Happy New Year, I'll be thinking of you all in your different time zones!

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  1. Wow! those look good.
    Sounds like a lovely way to ring the New Year.


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