Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Arrrgghhhh, but aaahhhhh

Tired. Tired. And more tired. The mini-beasts are in cahoots and are waking in shifts during the night.

Wrigglesworth is teething. I presume, given the amount of crying that's going on, that he's about to shoot forth sabre-tooth tiger like fangs.

The Monster is discovering the power of no.

I am discovering that however much chocolate there is, it is never enough.

BUT... Nao is arriving today. HOORAY. For me. Not sure her little Christmas jaunt to Beziers will be as relaxing as she might have hoped...


  1. I'm feeling you Bex. Ted is waking three times a night with bizarre requests...Give me blueberries! I haffa watch Masterchef! Pick up my toast!

    Hope your visitor time is lovely.

  2. Hang in there and when things get out of control, sing and dance!


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