Monday, 8 November 2010

Un pingouin rasta

Yesterday we had a family session with the Play Doh. It's always special when they start expressing their imagination, their artistic side, their individuality.

So when the fella pointed to the above creation and cheerfully told me it was un pingouin rasta I, of course, immediately reached for the camera to proudly capture his moment of Play Doh genius. They're just so full of fun and energy at this stage in their development, aren't they?

One of the best things about having kids has been seeing my fella become a papa.


  1. Sundays are good Play Doh days.
    I'm looking forward to initiate Margot to Play Doh (in a year?). There's so much stuff I can't wait to do with Margot!

  2. Most of the Play Doh stuff says it's from 3 years, the dough itself is from 2 years. Matilda loves it and, as evidenced by the strange bird above, Fanf loves it too. I love the way it smells! xxx


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