Thursday, 18 November 2010

My mini bookworm me

The Monster came quite late to books. I bit my lip and refrained myself from forcibly holding her down whilst I read The Gruffalo to her (with all the different voices folks). Maybe she just won't like books, I thought. That's not bad, right? You can be a decent and interesting human being and not like reading, right? I won't necessarily have to disown her.

But looks like I won't have to consider disowning her after all. (Not that I would have done... right?) She has turned into the Very Hungry Bookworm. All she wanted to do this morning was read books with me. In the photo above she is clutching her current favourite, Stella étoile de la mer, by Marie-Louise Gay. This is one of a box set Jen, Simon and Margot gave her for her birthday. They're lovely stories and beautifully illustrated. They follow the vivacious Stella, and her little brother Sacha (Sam in English), who is full of questions and just a bit dubious about everything, as Stella helps Sacha discover the world. I love Stella's explanations for Sacha. Star fish are shooting stars that have fallen in love with the sea. Sacha asks if they're not afraid of drowning. No, says Stella, they've learnt how to swim.


  1. Margot only has one Stella book: Stella, reine des neiges in a larger format than the books we sent you.
    It's such a lovely story. It's so unique that books take place in the winter season - and that one does. Perfect!
    I do hope Margot will like books. Simon often reads to her in French. She likes to eat the books.

  2. What I love in Reine des neiges is when Stella tells Sasha that the little clouds coming out of his mouth when he speaks are his words freezing and that each word forms a different cloud, but he says he can't see them because he can't read yet.


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