Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The Lounge Fling

I was super fit during my pregnancy but since losing the bump I have gone back to my bump weight (and shape) by consuming Wrigglesworth's birth weight in chocolate every time I feel a tad stressed out or tired. Thankfully, this week I have managed to squeeze 25 minutes of exercise routine into my day and I feel so much better for it. Pre-mini-beasts I kept fit by walking everywhere. Fast. I used to joke that I'd have to get wheels fitted to my children. I still might... In the meantime, I have had to find some other way to stay fit and healthy. I've never really been one for exercise for exercise's sake. I like their to be a point. But then I also like eating lots and arms that don't ripple when I wave so in the absence of the time/energy/money to get out and do anything else I started doing fitness routines at home. Flinging myself around the lounge feels rather silly but at least now the Monster flings along with me. Not always a great help as it's hard to breath and laugh at the same time.


  1. I hope you don't end up looking like that frightening jane fonda-type woman!

  2. Her name is Diana Moran and she was referred to as The Green Goddess. She was huge in the 1980s when she had a fitness segment on the BBC1 Breakfast Show. I like that she has accessorised her leotard with some nice gold chains and painted toenails.

  3. I thought The Green Goddess lived in a willow tree and befriended fairies and elves ;)

  4. She does. But everyone's got to earn a living...


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