Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Insanity Watch: This time it's certifiable

I started writing this post this morning and it began...

"Roll up, roll up, come and see the Incredibly Hairy* Mummy Lady lose her mind in spectacular fashion. Marvel as she flies by the seat of her unwashed pants, gasp as her cracked and battered marbles spin out of control, swoon as she plummets down to hell in a hand cart."

The fella is away this week. And every week from now until Christmas. I will not be answerable for the state of our little housebarelyholdingtogether by the time old Saint Nick arrives. I will answer only to the sound of a cork being popped.

*Shaving is for special occasions. Like armageddon.

This is self-pity thinly disguised by a veneer of joviality. That and a confession to incipient alcoholism.

Then during the bedtime breastfeed I had my usual ponderings for the day. This weekend the fella suggested that I didn't take much time to consider our situation from his perspective. And I think he's right. Generally (unless I'm completely self-deluded) I am good at listening to and understanding other people but the poor old fella is the one person who does sometimes get slapped around the face (metaphorically) by my inner self-obsessed neurotic bratkind. I was sitting on the sofa tonight, with Wrigglesworth snuggled into my chest and the Monster cuddling under my arm and stroking my hair and I thought, "I wish the fella was here so I could share these moments, poor me". Bad unworthy concubine. I should have been thinking, "poor him". Hard as I find it coping with my two mini-beasts on my own, I wouldn't swap situations with Fanf. But I think he would swap with me in a flash.

So tonight, I find that I art most happy that I have my Fanf and thank him for allowing me to sit on the sofa and get my hair stroked by our Monster. Although Fanf, if you're reading this in your hotel room, Wrigglesworth put in some sterling crying this evening and my head is pounding so enjoy the peace!


  1. Dr. The Sheriff is back in the building. I will monitor the insanity situation on daily basis. And should it be required a telephone consultation will be arranged.


  2. I feel safer just knowing you're out there :)

  3. Yes, we do sometimes forget their (fellas) point of view and how difficult it is for them to be away from their families.
    On another note: It'll pass. The bad and the good (and the ugly). Let's enjoy those moments for what they are. Deep inhale. Exhale. We have no choice but to accept change.
    Courage ma belle Bex! Will Fanf have holidays around Chritmas time so you can all sleep in together?
    Et Fanf, si tu lis ça: reviens vite vite vite dans les bras de ta bien-aimée et de tes adorables enfants qui ne veulent que t'embrasser!
    Thinking of you (all of you!) xox

  4. I'm so glad to read that you're happy to have me ;)
    I know it can sound good to be in a quiet hotel room (except for the brainwashing tv noises...) but actually, there's some so happy moments missing, like the kiss from our daughter when I get home, the smile of our son or the time spending with you in my arms when all is calm after the monsters are in bed (which, I conced, can be short sometime, but still very enjoyable). Love you my clever Bexbeamofmylife and I'd get home straight away just for those moments and many more... And my love to your readers :)

  5. You have such a romantic fella Bex! You both are so lovely (and so are your children, I'm sure)!

  6. Oh, Fanf's comment brought a tear to my eye - so sweet and in his second language too!


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